The Little Red Pea

You may wonder why there is a red pea in the Banner of my blog. Over the years I had forgotten about that little red pea. It was a gift Mr. P. gave me one afternoon prior to taking me into the sexual relationship I had with him as a 12 year old boy for several months. After having to quit my paper route I no longer paid much attention to that little red pea, I am sure not wanting to remember who gave it to me after being devastated and hurt so badly in his house.

As I look at the little red pea it is a tangible reminder that the things I now remember and write about are true and did happen. In that little pea are some pleasant memories, but unfortunately some very extremely unhappy and terrifying memories as well. One of the strange things is the pea is filled with tiny elephants - a creature in legend associated with memory. Here is a picture of the contents.