About Me

I am the survivor of a Man-Boy Love Relationship that went really bad when I was 12 years old. On July 19, 2009 I hit "rock bottom" and after 38 years of denying to myself the relationship ever took place I knew I could no longer deny the things that were done to me. 

That same day I wrote the first entry of this blog and on July 20, 2009 published it and sent an email to the former pastor of my church with a link to my newly created blog. I started seeing a therapist in September of that same year. The floodgate of memories opened that I had suppressed for a number of years.

I have many triggers that can cause flashbacks into Mr. P.'s house having me relive some of the traumatic experiences I had there. I also suffer with dreams and nightmares taking me back inside Mr. P.'s house and reliving many of the things that were done to me there by his friend Paul over and over again. I am slowly learning to accept the things that were done to me and that I cannot change the past.

If you are looking for photos of young boys there are none here other than a few of myself. Mr. P. took many pictures of me, including some that were very sexually explicit with his friend Paul. You definitely will not find those here because they are illegal even for me to possess and I never received them from Mr. P. as he once threatened he would send them to my parents if I stopped coming to his house when asked.