Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stories of A Paperboy

You have probably noticed I have shared many stories about my paper route. I really enjoyed having a paper route and was quite upset I had to quit it to get away from Mr. P. When I quit I was giving up my only source of income for the non summer months. My parents didn't give us an allowance, we were expected to do our chores at the house without pay other than three meals a day and a roof over our heads. Family vacations were thrown in as a bonus.

In the summertime I cut lawns and delivered the newspaper. The afternoon newspaper I delivered was discontinued several years ago after the company was bought by a larger newspaper. They still have the morning paper which I one time delivered as a sub for the older guy who lived down the street. He was a very good friend of my brother. I didn't like getting up at 4:00 AM to deliver the papers on his route though. He had the same street as I did for my afternoon paper route, but different customers except for those that took both papers. My route stretched the length of 4 city blocks with about 60 customers.

In the next few weeks I hope to get out and take several pictures of the "big" city I live in. After graduating from high school my parents decided to move back to the big city where I still reside to this day. I have had the best of both worlds, receiving my high school education in a small town and moving back and living in a big town.

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